Queer Tantra

Welcome to Queer Tantra! I’m Raven, a certified Tantra Practitioner, also known as a Dakini. 

It’s time for the LGBTQ+ community to reap the benefits of Tantric spiritual sexual practices through one on one coaching. 

Historically Tantra has been a binary heteronormative practice. However, in its ancient art form Tantra is actually gender neutral, seeing an individual’s soul rather than specific body parts that define gender. 

What I bring to Tantra is acknowledgment that each of us carries both feminine and masculine energies as well as ENERGETIC genitals regardless of physical body parts. Therefore pleasure, sex, and orgasm are immensely enjoyable no matter the package each of us has physically.  Labels and pronouns become unimportant when practicing Tantric sex.  You begin to meet each other in a genderless heart to heart space.  

Here are some of the benefits of learning Tantra with me:

  • Strengthening of energetic lingam (penis)
  • Increased confidence in love making
  • Learn Tantric date night exercises for couples
  • Learn sensual massage techniques
  • Creativity in connection
  • Dating Confidence 

Couples in particular benefit from Tantra. I provide 3 hour retreat sessions with specific Tantric exercises that help couples connect on a daily basis.  Examples of these exercises for couples include:

  • Listening Exercises
  • Compassionate Communication
  • Yab Yum Position & The Tantric Kiss
  • Sensual Massage Exercise
  • 5 Elemental Touch Exercise 
  • Conscious Kink Play

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I am available for in person or distance learning sessions and I look forward to working with my LGBTQ community in being more empowered. Special discounts, pricing, and flexibility is available available for the LGBTQ community. Please contact me for those discounts.