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What is a Tantra?

Tantra is an ancient spirituality with roots in Hinduism and Buddhism. One aspect of Tantra is sacred sexuality. Many who seek Tantric guidance enjoy the benefits of sexual stamina, vitality, intimacy exercises, mastering sexual energy, and full body orgasm. Tantric full body orgasm is the spiritual expansion of immense pleasure in every part of your body instead of just in the genitals. Full-body orgasms last much longer than traditional forms of ejaculation or release and may feel more like riding a wave of energy rather than just an intense “explosive” feeling. Mastering sexual energy is an ancient spiritual practice that allows endless hours of lovemaking with the full choice of when and how to climax. It feels like waves of pleasure rolling through your body. It is the greatest expression of sacred divinity. Experiencing full body orgasm means more confidence, better connection, better communication, and deeper sexual satisfaction.  It is the one missing puzzle piece in your life right now. 

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About Raven CTP,CFSP

Raven is Certified as a Tantra Practitioner, Certified Food & Spirit Chakra Practitioner, and as a Reiki Holy Fire Master. She is a clinical psychology student pursing a degree in Sex Therapy. She has extensive Tantric training at Love Journey Tantra, Ecstatic Dakini Practitioner Program, Landmark Forum, and the Human Awareness Institute.

Raven studied Neuropsychology at UC Berkeley mapping pleasure in the brain researching how to successfully rewire brain synapsis using body intelligence with breath, sound, and movement. She invented the 5 Pathways to Pleasure™ which provides easy to remember everyday tools which allow you to live everyday in pleasure.

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